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New website, wow

Well I just created another project and it's called THPSVido , I spent probably some months working on it and it just feels great coming back at it, looking at it and just remember all the crazy things that was happening at the time, I mean crazy bec...

My life is a method

I just spent like 2 hours (maybe less) trying to make a method function in Laravel. That's my life right now. Yep. And you might say "but why would you even do that?!!!" I'll tell you why if I had an answer because I really don't know how I can spend...

Getting started

Slowly but surely the process of maintaining and building the blog is taking form. Can't believe myself when I say it but yes I am starting to realize this is what it means to actually "blog", I mean it is different than being a "blogger" and to that...

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Thanks for stopping by, if you have any questions let me know and please don't be shy to comment on any of my posts, if you want to contact me: eduardongua@hotmail.com is where you can find me!

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